Electric karts

Fast, safe, for everyone

Our karts are made by
Swiss engineers and are the result of
twenty years of development, refinement and testing

Green engine.

Remotely adjustable power.

Our karts have a carbon fiber chassis and a seat that is adaptable to any rider, and is suitable for children from 125 cm. The kart is also equipped with brake lights for better visibility on the runway.

Karts with power of

9 to 23 HP

Výkon je v základnom režime nastavený na približne 9hp. Maximálny efektívny výkon je možné nastaviť na 23hp. Kôli bezpečnosti na dráhe je povolený maximálne 12hp výkon. Pre jazdu na 12hp motokáre je potrebné dosiahnuť čas na 9hp motokáre pod 19 sekúnd na kolo.


Which will be yours?

9 karts are ready for you!

Nine TOMKAR karts are available, six of which can be ran simultaneously on the runway, while three are charged to ensure uninterrupted operation.

Corporate and private events

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